Protect Your Property Rights

An owner's policy of title insurance protects your greatest investment, your home.  Without it, you risk losing your home altogether or being severely burdened with someone else's debts.

Professional Settlement Services

We care about making your home buying experience the best that it can be.  We offer:

  • Friendly and professional settlement agents.
  • Settlements scheduled to suit your needs, day, night, in our office or even your home.
  • Preparation of settlement statements and disbursement of funds.
  • Acquiring all mortgage and other lien payoffs.
  • Recording of all documents, returned to you with your policy in a timely fashion.



Safe, Secure and Compliant

We take great care to safeguard our customers' non-public and personally identifiable information (NPI).  Our servers and computer workstations are maintained in secure facilities and our employees are trained constantly on how to be vigilant guardians of your sensitive data.  We utilize strong encryption methods when transmitting your details via email and all NPI, whether digital or on paper, is destroyed when no longer stored in our files or systems so as to prohibit misuse by unauthorized parties.  Your peace of mind is our first priority.



Our examiners have many years of experience dealing with tidelands and riparian issues.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience that enable us to transactions with tricky tidelands and riparian matters closed in a timely fashion and with the minimum amount of stress.

Clint Cooper works with our clients to provide special expertise in this field as he is credited with starting the tidelands search process in New Jersey.  He developed the method for merging property maps and tidelands map overlays in order to be able to make a reliable determination of whether or not a claim exists on the land.  He sold that company and it is still in operation today providing the same information.

Tidelands issues can be tricky to navigate and costly if missed.  

We have partnered with Western Technologies Group, LLC to bring you MyFloodSearch.  Through this portal you can order Flood, Tidelands and the exclusive Property PEEK report.  All of these are invaluable tools for evaluating a property prior to entering into a contract of sale.  See your Boardwalk Settlement Services account representative for a special discount code!

Let us navigate you through to a successful closing and resolution.

Commercial Real Estate.

Commercial Real Estate is another area where we have a great deal of knowledge and experience.  All of our examiners have extensive experience in reviewing commercial property titles.  Clint Cooper in particular is an expert in multi-site, multi-state, complex, high-liability commercial transactions and brings a unique set of skills to our Commercial Property Division.

Our professionals have built careers on making commercial transactions go smoothly the first time and every time.  Let us be your commercial property title and settlement experts.


Boardwalk Settlement Services partners with Western Technologies Group to bring you MyFloodStatus!

Click on the link below to access their login page.  See Daniel J. McCann, Esq. or anyone of our Boardwalk associates for a discount code you can use to get these powerful search products from WTG.

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